S H an Hahpour Types of Shahpourhan masks View products Shahpourhan Health Group has produced its products from the highest quality materials and maintaining the quality of its products has always been a priority. The standard combination of mask layers is according to the standard pattern of ISO 13485 and the Food and Drug Administration, FDA and World Health Organization.
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Shahpourhan Production Group

Shahpour Han Industrial Group operates in two separate sections using professional specialists and technicians. The scope of activities of Shahpour Han Company is ready both in the field of production of quality masks and in the field of production, packaging and sale of vegetables and foodstuffs. It also helps you keep your fruits fresh by having industrial refrigerators.

›Production of masks with the best raw materials and in accordance with international approvals
›Production of masks using spunbond fabric
Production and packaging of vegetables and ready-to-eat food in a completely hygienic way
›Using first-class and fresh natural ingredients

Features of three-layer masks

In the process of making standard 3-layer masks, the middle layer is made of materials that:
They act as a filter and prevent the virus from entering and leaving.

Plastic fabrics without spunbond texture

Effectively blocks the entry of visible objects such as droplets

Non-woven fabrics of Blon Nation

Filters non-oily particles in the air

Plastic fabrics without spunbond texture

It makes the exhaled hot air dry and free of moisture