Distinguish standard masks from counterfeit

How to distinguish a standard surgical mask from a counterfeit sample?

One of the things to keep in mind when buying surgical masks is whether the mask is standard or counterfeit.
Among the things that at first glance determine the standard of the surgical mask are the price, place of purchase and packaging of the product.
Regarding the outer packaging of surgical masks, you should pay attention to the product registration number.
Note the manufacturing series, the approval of the Ministry of Health and the date of production and expiration of the mask.
To be more sure of providing quality and standard goods, it is better to buy from reputable online stores and authorized and reputable pharmacies.
In addition to these, you can easily distinguish counterfeit surgical masks from the original and quality samples by knowing the following points.

1. Visual test

In the first step, you can carefully examine whether the mask is counterfeit. To do this, simply expose the mask to sunlight and separate the 3 layers. You need to be able to identify the three layers under your arm. If you could not see the 3 separate layers, your mask is fake.

۲. Flammability test

The middle layer of surgical masks is made of Melt blown fibers, which is non-flammable. To test the authenticity and quality of the mask, you can burn this layer of the mask and see that it melts like plastic instead of burning like paper. If this layer catches fire, know that it is fake.

3. Water resistance test

The outermost layer of surgical masks is designed to be waterproof. To test the authenticity and quality of the surgical mask, simply place it in the palm of your hand like a funnel and pour some water into it. If the mask gets wet or leaks, the sample you bought is counterfeit.

4. Electrostatic absorption test

The middle layer of surgical masks is often electrostatic. If you have a number of masks, open one of them and apply the middle layer on your hand, this should make you feel like you are electrified. This property is due to the electric charge in the middle layer and its special fibers. If the middle layer of the surgical mask is not like this, your mask is fake.

5. Light transmission test

The middle layer of surgical masks is designed to prevent bacteria from passing through and trapping them. This layer should not have a compressed texture, but instead the texture should be soft and have pores that a person can breathe easily. If the middle layer has a compressed texture, your mask is fake.

6. Breathing test

We know that surgical masks have three layers and the middle layer has electrostatic properties that trap bacteria and germs in it, so sneezing or coughing should not let air out of your mask. To test authenticity, apply the mask on the face and try to extinguish the candle. This mask allows you to breathe but prevents air from entering the lungs and lungs and entering the environment. Simply put, you can’t die by wearing the original surgical mask.

7. Absorption test

To test the authenticity and quality of the purchased surgical mask, it is enough to separate the middle layer (Melon Blon) and try to absorb fluids with it. The middle layer is designed to absorb saliva, secretions and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. If the middle layer can not easily absorb fluids, it is counterfeit and its use is extremely dangerous because it does not prevent the passage of germs and respiratory bacteria.

last word

Paying attention to the quality and authenticity of the product guarantees the health of yourself and those you love and the community. These days, when coronary heart disease fever and the use of masks to prevent this disease are hot, for more protection and safety, you should know the tricks and ways to detect the original and counterfeit surgical mask. In addition, the provision of health and medical products and ensuring their originality and high quality is very important, because these products directly affect a person’s health. One of the easiest ways to ensure the authenticity of a product is to buy it from reputable online medical supplies stores.

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