Components of a three-layer mask

The role of the Blon Nation layer in three-layer masks

The blunt nation layer or the middle layer has an important role in three-layer masks. In fact, the main filtration of a respirator is responsible for this layer. Due to its inherent structure, this layer has a static mechanism in dispersing fine particles. This layer is sensitive to disinfectants (such as alcohol), and if you disinfect a three-layer mask, it will cause the filter to fail and it will no longer be used as a medical mask.

The role of spunbond layers in three-layer breathing masks
The two layers of spunbond used in 3-layer masks, in addition to their complementary role in filtration, have other applications that we will mention below:

Shaping the mask: Two layers of spunbond make the mask more beautiful.
Blown Nation Layer Protection: These two layers protect the middle layer that plays a key role in filtration.
Filtration: Spunbond layers are responsible for preventing the entry of contaminated particles with large dimensions mechanically and provide maximum protection against liquids.
Absorption of open air and keeping the mask dry: The inner layer of spunbond that is in contact with the face is also responsible for absorbing open air and keeping the environment dry in contact with the mask for easier breathing.

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